We believe only the finest ingredients should be included in the dishes on Our Menu.

All of our produce is sourced locally ensuring that it is as fresh as can be when it arrives at your table.

The best cuts of meat brought in from Hamlets of Garstang, our superb Sausages from Mr Pugh’s Piglet Farm, fresh fish from West Coast Seafoods in Fleetwood, dairy produce from Gornall Bros. and Thomas Moss delivering fresh Vegetables daily, everything has been lovingly sourced to ensure that the food we create is as beautiful to look at as to taste.

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Food Served








11.30 -21.00

11.30 -21.00

11.30 -21.00

11.30 -21.00

11.30 -21.30

11.30 -21.30

11.30 -19.00

The Taste

“Our aim is to provide Michelin style food with a traditional English twist.”

Gillian Tripp, Owner

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